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EU driving licence comes into force

The EU driving licence somes into effect tomorrow – a credit card style which will replace over 100 types of paper and plastic licences which are currently being used by over 300 million motorists across the European Union.

The common licence is part of a new package approved by EU ministers to crack down on driving licence fraud and improve road safety across the EU.

“Traffic police across Europe are currently expected to recognise more than 100 different types of paper and plastic driving licence” said EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas on the eve of the launch.

“ID photos may be long out of date, the categories for which the driver is licensed unclear and the document may be easy to forge. Fake driving licences are a licence to kill, that is why we need licences which are easy to read, easy to understand and very difficult to falsify.”

Existing licences are not affected, but will be changed to the new format at the time of renewal or at the latest by 2033.

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